2016 Marketing Trends

January 12th, 2016
2016 fireworks

marketing trends

Happy New Year! In these first few weeks of 2016 we’ve been busy making resolutions and setting goals, but we’ve also been taking a hard look at marketing trends from 2015. In particular, we saw a real uptick in video, data analysis, and mobile-friendly websites, all of which we believe will continue on into 2016.

Trend: Digital Video Marketing
2015 saw a huge increase in the prevalence of digital video marketing. The expansion of social media and the ever-present video ads on websites have really begun to pack a punch. Videos are bite-sized information morsels; they benefit from the accessibility and share-ability of the Web; and they’re the perfect vehicles to promote new products, walk-through new applications, announce major company achievements, or explain new information. This is a trend that’s on the RISE for 2016!

Trend: Data Analysis Tools
Over the course of 2015, more and more marketers saw the value in gathering insight on their target audience through data analysis tools. These tools have helped marketers avoid the clutter of abundant information, take a deeper look at market trends, assess and refine their marketing strategies, and ultimately make better business decisions. In 2016, we can expect these tools to become even more sophisticated, enabling marketers to hone their efforts in creating more effective and efficient campaigns.

Trend: Mobile Overtaking Desktop
Since Google pretty much runs the internet these days you can bet that mobile is the wave of the future. According to their internal data, mobile search has passed desktop search in 10 countries. With the rollout of Mobilegeddon, Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm, not only will your site’s ranking get docked for not being mobile-optimized, but Google has even said that having a mobile-only version is just fine.

What are some trends that you’ve noticed? Are you taking the steps you need to stay relevant?

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