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Our story began back in 1983, when entrepreneurial pros from prominent ad agencies joined forces to establish our agency. During a time when cutting and pasting involved scissors and glue, partners Michael Meyers and Jim Gasper drew on their extensive experience and industry knowledge to build a place where innovative ideas thrived and clients’ visions were brought to life.

The agency’s legacy includes serving notable clients such as Konami Games, Hitachi, and Continental Coffee. Our success carried over from the analog era to the digital, and our team has always embraced new technologies and techniques that enhance our creative expression while increasing the efficiency of our operations and effectiveness of our marketing.

In 2019, as the original partners looked toward retirement, a new chapter in our agency’s history unfolded. It was then that Lindsay McKinney and Matt Wills, who had been integral to the agency’s growth, stepped up to take the reins. With an unwavering commitment to creativity, they embarked on a transformational journey, shaping our agency into a true creative powerhouse.

With a strong foundation of marketing fundamentals and tried-and-true industry insights, today we are the next generation of industry experts. We push the envelope on imagination and are eager to take on every creative challenge that comes our way.

Meyers Creative is proud to have served our clients for over 40 years.

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