Building a Social Media Following

December 4th, 2019

We’ve all heard about viral social media campaigns. That’s the dream, right? Come up with some unique content, share it to your followers on social media, and GO VIRAL! Easier said than done.

Most brands aren’t lucky enough to go viral, so instead they focus on building a following over time. So, where should you start?

Here are our recommendations for gaining visibility on social media:

  • Start with your employees and existing network.Encourage employees and friends to “follow” your channels and like/share/comment on your content. Every share or re-tweet opens a post up to be seen by their entire networks as well, growing visibility exponentially with each share.
  • Use hashtags and tag people/companies.Social media is one of those mediums where frequency and consistency is king. If you have an event or theme for your content, consider developing a hashtag that can used across the whole campaign, linking all posts together and making searchability easier.
  • Check-in and use location tags. Making your location apparent via social media can increase visibility of your content by casual searchers.
  • Follow other major accounts.By following other accounts, you’re actively participating in the “social” component of social media. Be selective about who you want to follow, and you might just get a “follow” back.

Additionally, here are our thoughts on maintaining a consistent tone:

  • Find your voice. Is your brand silly? Heartfelt? Family-oriented? Sarcastic? Find the tone that matches your brand and make sure it’s reflected in all of your messaging.
  • Know your audience. Share content that will resonate with your audience. Get to know their preferences and stay on topic. Play around with different content types – images, video, infographics, etc. – to see what users are engaging with the most.
  • Post frequently, but relevantly. Users want to see that your account is active and updated. Nobody wants to follow dead air. Make sure your content is relevant to your audience and true to your brand, and post when it feels appropriate. 
  • Engagement goes both ways. If you’re noticing some comments on your posts, start a dialogue with your community. Engage back with your followers and you might see some increased traffic moving forward.

Building a following doesn’t happen overnight, but making frequent attempts at some of the recommendations above can help grow your presence over time. 

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