Benefits of High-Impact Direct Mail

November 2nd, 2016
high-impact direct mail "packing a punch" into B2B marketing

If you’re looking to make a big splash with your direct mail campaign and have a larger budget, a “high-impact” campaign might be the way to go. High-impact direct mail campaigns tend to be 3-dimensional, but can come in all shapes, sizes and media. The goal is to get the prospect’s attention and KEEP IT.

What makes a high-impact mailer so great?

  1. They pack a punch.
    • If you have a higher budget and some well-qualified leads, send them something that will really dazzle them. There are tons of design opportunities when it comes to high-impact direct mail – you could develop a sales kit that has all the tools their team needs to introduce a new product. You could make a video and send it in a video mailer. You could send a promotional sample of your latest product, or even include a memorable tchotchke.
  2. They’re good for complex messaging.
    • With a high-impact direct mail piece, you have more space to fully explain your sales pitch. Whether it means sending a full product brochure, providing sales tools, or just writing text that’s longer than a tweet, a high-impact mailer gives you the opportunity to tell a more complete brand story.
  3. They can provide real sales value to your prospects.
    • If your high-impact mailer is truly informative, it can be used as a sales tool for your customer. They’ll show it around to their networks and you have the potential to gain word of mouth. Be sure whatever you’re doing has real significance – don’t just slap your logo on a Frisbee unless the Frisbee relates to the goals of the campaign.

Bear in mind, you can always supplement a high-impact mailer with some lower-impact postcards to follow-up. Start with a piece that will grab their attention, and then continue the messaging in additional, smaller pieces to keep your brand top-of-mind.

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