A Merry Meyers Tradition

December 19th, 2017
An assortment of past holiday cards from Meyers and Partners

Since its very first year of business almost 35 years ago, the Meyers + Partners team has gathered to wish clients, vendors, friends and family a happy holiday season through a whimsical, and often cheeky, holiday card.

Before the digital days, the team would get together in a photography studio with risers, props, fun costumes, and of course a bottle of wine or two to shoot the year’s wacky and warm holiday greeting.

These days, thanks to digital design programs, the creative process has been somewhat simplified. But the tradition lives on. The team gets together every December for a card signing party, still filled with plenty of laughs and holiday cheer.

A group shot of the Meyers team at the card signing party of 2017
The M+ card signing party 2017

Our agency’s president, Michael Meyers, says the tradition is the perfect way to balance the stress of the busy holiday season with some fun and team bonding. And, of course, it gives the whole team a chance to show our appreciation for friends and colleagues.

Happy Holidays from the M+ team!

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