Using Your Website as a Recruitment Tool

February 28th, 2018
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Your website is a valuable tool, most often used to inform and connect with prospects, collect orders, and provide customer support. But it has the potential to be much more than that. Your website is your chance to make a good first impression to not only potential customers, but to potential employees. Here’s how to turn your website into a recruitment tool.

Keep it simple

1. Navigation should be simple and intuitive
Incorporate easy-to-find links to “Careers,” “About Us” and “Team” pages.

2. A recruiting-focused website shouldn’t be bogged down by technical information
Avoid information overload by sticking to a top-level overview of the company, especially on the homepage.

Give a flavor of the company

3. Company personality
Is your company innovative? Fun? Sophisticated? The company personality should be reflected in both the design and language used.

4. Show current employee testimonials
What’s the work/life balance like? Highlight community events, team-building, volunteering, etc.


Our client, Amsted Industries, was looking to redevelop their corporate website so it functioned more as a recruitment tool. We delivered a visually appealing site that highlighted their history and success, with examples of company culture embedded throughout.

Amsted Industries website

Define what kind of employee you’re looking for

5. Outline the company values
This shows prospective employees what they can expect from your company, while letting them know what will be expected of them.

6. Provide the company mission statement
Do your goals as a company align with the goals of a prospective employee?

7. Show what kind of jobs are available
Make it clear whether you’re offering full-time jobs, part-time jobs, internships, co-ops, entry level positions, technical roles, etc.

Get social

8. Link to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
Your social channels should show a “slice of life” at your company – events, team building, company culture.



Amsted Rail needed a video that would serve as a mission statement, personifying their beliefs and goals, specifically with regard to their culture of innovation. This video was primarily intended for outreach via Amsted Rail’s social channels.

Your turn

What features have you added to your website to help with recruiting? Connect with us and let us know!

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