WordPress 5.0

January 8th, 2019

It’s here! WordPress 5.0.

Every few years, WordPress unveils a new version of their platform. Over time, minor refinements get made as new features or security updates become available, but entirely new versions come out less frequently. That’s why the reveal of WordPress 5.0 is so exciting!

Released on December 6th, WordPress 5.0 is an exciting development for programmers and content managers alike. The biggest change: the new block editor.

What’s a block editor, you ask? Well, unlike previous versions of WordPress which used a standard content editor, a block editor empowers the administrator to build new sections of a WordPress site with only a few clicks – simply by dragging and dropping. Not unlike an email marketing platform, the new block editor will make it easier than ever to add images, content blocks, videos, and other elements to a page template.

Over the next few weeks, M+ will be performing system tests on all of our current WordPress sites to ensure everything is working properly prior to installing the WordPress 5.0 update. Depending on the level of customization (custom fields and/or a page builder) on our existing sites, we may or may not implement the new block editor. Future sites built on WordPress will utilize the new builder.

To learn more about the new WordPress 5.0, visit: https://wordpress.org/news/2018/12/bebo/

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