Evaluating a Name

May 7th, 2019

What’s in a name, you say? Naming a company is one of the most critical steps in developing a new brand. Your name, after all, is oftentimes your customers’ first introduction to your company. A good name speaks volumes about the kind of company you’re aiming to be. For instance, a name can exude a local feel (a name based on the location of your flagship office) or express a characteristic of your brand promise.

We often work through naming exercises for our clients, and the goal is usually the same: to develop a name that is distinctive, memorable, intriguing and most of all, ownable.

When you get down to a list of potential options, it’s time to start evaluating.

Rules of Evaluation:

  • The name should be relevant to your brand’s promise
  • It must be striking and easy to remember
  • It should stand out from names used by your competitors
  • It needs to be ownable in the industry
  • It must be sustainable for the foreseeable future

Remember: A name does not stand alone. It is informed by other visual and verbal content (for instance, the logo and/or descriptor line). A name will change as branding is applied.

As you evaluate your choices, keep these rules in mind. It’s not always easy to fall in love with a name at first sight, and more often than not, your feelings toward a name will change over time. Take your time in your decision process and you’ll find one you love.

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